Frequently Asked Questions

   When does the free or random act of blessing shirt ship?


As soon as possible, we are a small group and are working diligently on your order. It could take up to three weeks so please be patient with us, and Thank you!


◦   How do you select the recipient of the random act of blessing tee?


This is the million-dollar question. We are selecting people on a completely random basis from a national white pages directory. The whole point is to be random.


◦   Who selects the recipient of the random act of blessing tee?


We do!


◦   Can I submit a person that I would like the random act of blessing tee to go to?


The short answer is No! That wouldn’t be very random now would it?


◦   Do I need to have bought a blessed tee in order to share a blessed story in the blessed blog?


No! blessed tee’s blessed blog is a communal place. We would love for you to share your tale(s) of blessedness. We do reserve the right to remove any post that isn’t appropriate. Please no selling here. Being blessed is more than that.

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