About Blessed Tee

   Picture someone walking to the mailbox and finding a free blessing waiting there for them, a blessing in the form of a free & uplifting gift…What would that do for anyone’s day? It would very well be that one act of unexpected surprise that changes a bad mood into a great feeling of hope and joy.

   Imagine this simple yet profound transformation happening a few hundred, a few thousand, a few million times.

   Now you are getting some inkling of the power of the Blessed tee.

   Let me tell you where this all came from

   First off, I admit I am not the most religious guy, but I have no doubt that the Blessed tee is a result of divine intervention.

   I am not religious in the usual sense of the term, but I do consider myself spiritual.

   There are many personal beliefs I hold very close.

   And it more than a coincidence that it was while watching Joel Osteen Ministries one Sunday morning that inspiration struck me.

   His sermon that day was about being blessed regardless of our upbringing, religious beliefs or economic standings.  To me the message was simple and powerful. All you have to do to be blessed is be open to the idea.

   The Blessed tee concept took shape in my mind that moment. I knew I had to do something with it.

   The idea that we all have the opportunity — and the power — to stop someone in their tracks and remind themselves of the blessings of life, if for only a few seconds, was crying for a way to come to life.

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